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Message started by colleen AF venable on 02/24/08 at 3:23pm

Title: 184- The REAL Epilogue
Post by colleen AF venable on 02/24/08 at 3:23pm

So that picture of TONY TONY TONY CAKES in front of the penguin wheel is at the Bronx zoo where they REALLY have a "wheel of penguin death" and all the different ways penguins might die. I kinda want one for my living room now. I should totally upload some bigger pictures of this on flickr...

As for the comic, there are two more regular FLUFF "absurdist soap opera" comics...then I'm stopping with long extended storyline and starting a new comic which has been in the works for some time now. Don't worry, the residents of super secret lair Apt. 2 will get a proper send-off...and will likely work their way into the new comic from time to time...

Title: Re: 184- The REAL Epilogue
Post by Annie_Sanders on 02/26/08 at 1:09am

omg, really? I thought "wheels of fortune" where supposed to dispense good tidings! not death! wtf?!?!

Also, nice touch with the "wheel of fortune" slots!

Also also, yay to me and robin and brian popping up for one last scare!

Title: Re: 184- The REAL Epilogue
Post by colleen AF venable on 02/26/08 at 2:34am

Uploaded um!

More! Death!

You and Robin and T3 Cakes (who I can't seem to ever call by his real name anymore) were brilliant in this one! Granted yours was an old pic, but if the world were a perfect place that would be posted at least 200+ more times online.

Title: Re: 184- The REAL Epilogue
Post by yates on 02/26/08 at 11:14am

Oh dear, that Penguin wheel is really at the zoo?  Must be a little depressing for the kids!  (and perhaps the penguins too)

That was a fantastic epilogue - esp. the Robin clones and Gary's new gig.

Title: Re: 184- The REAL Epilogue
Post by PLDM on 02/29/08 at 9:13am

Woo! New comic!  Boo!  New comic! (meaning that there's only one more left)!

Wheel of Penguin Death?!  I think I saw that on a Japanese TV station once... The only interesting thing in our zoo is the big ass penguin enclosure, which, by the way, they had to start heating recently because it was too cold for the penguins (that's right, I live somewhere when even the freakin'  penguins find it too cold), but the real highlight was always the penguin parade that would go through the zoo everyday, but my friend went a few days ago, and the damn WWF started making them not force the penguins to leave the enclosure if they didn't want to, so now only one or two come out!  Damn those professional wrestlers!  They think they freakin' own the world!

Man I should really have a ramble symbol to put before those big boring spiels... But anyway! Awesome comic as always!  I was totaly listening to        yesterday on my way to work!  Well, either that or my iPod was paused... Hmm...

Title: Re: 184- The REAL Epilogue
Post by PenguinWithaRose on 03/02/08 at 1:33pm

Wheel of Penguin Death?!? i want one for my bedroom door! ;D
have you guys read The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey? i think the penguin wheel of death was inspired by that story :D

Title: Re: 184- The REAL Epilogue
Post by PLDM on 03/02/08 at 1:56pm

Edward Gorey!? You are now totally my favorite arctic animal with some form of botany ever! The Object Lesson is my favorite book. Ever.

Title: Re: 184- The REAL Epilogue
Post by PenguinWithaRose on 03/02/08 at 7:13pm

he Object Lesson is my favorite book. Ever.

Woah!  :oI thought I was the only person who was magically captivated/confused by that book!!! When I first read it, I ended up sitting there for an hour trying to figure out what the hell it meant... and I still don't know, but its amazing!

Title: Re: 184- The REAL Epilogue
Post by PLDM on 03/06/08 at 7:13am

I've read it so many times, and I still have no clue what's going on, it's just so crazily involving!  Man, I'm totally getting Gorey cravings...

Title: Re: 184- The REAL Epilogue
Post by PenguinWithaRose on 03/06/08 at 11:11pm

mmm... Gorey...
i tried to get a quote from the Object Lesson to fit on the back of my iPod (engraving was free!) but it didn't work...  :'(

Title: Re: 184- The REAL Epilogue
Post by PLDM on 03/07/08 at 8:42am

:o No way!  I tried to do the same thing, but I couldn't find a quote that would fit! Crazy!

Title: Re: 184- The REAL Epilogue
Post by colleen AF venable on 03/07/08 at 10:13pm

Words! (I haven't counted how many yet) THE SHRINKING OF TREEHORN!



Title: Re: 184- The REAL Epilogue
Post by PenguinWithaRose on 03/10/08 at 11:20pm

woah! :o i've never even heard of that book!
have you read Cautionary Tales for Children?

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Title: Re: 184- The REAL Epilogue
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