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Where's the beef? (Read 1462 times)


I love...pie?

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Where's the beef?
07/14/05 at 2:15pm
The lack of Experimental Spaghetti has caused an increase in my productivity...I will not stand for this!


I miss that retarded future midget and his octopus friend...

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...and that's the story of how I saved Christmas.
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Re: Where's the beef?
Reply #1 - 07/14/05 at 11:50pm
I second that emotion!

I know Evan D's been having some problems with his computer. Computers seem to explode on him every other day. We should just all be thankful he's got all the necessary digits left to (hopefully one day in the near future) press RECORD once more.

I must say while I love retarded futuristic midgets, Mr. Spoon has stolen my heart.
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